In 2016, Bryan van Schooten (1992) first came into contact with ceramics. In his studio in Tilburg, “Atelier Bryan van Schooten,” he is currently focused primarily on creating both functional and non-functional ceramic objects. Among other things, he has made stoneware stools and, in collaboration with Glazed Graffiti, designed a new version of the MF DOOM mask.

Bryan draws inspiration from his surroundings, from ceramists of the 1960s, and from architecture. His mission is to take ceramics to another level. In addition to hand-throwing, he also specializes in plaster modeling (creating models and molds).

Bryan also works as a plaster modeler at the Cor Unum – Ceramics & Art foundation in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, where his love for ceramics began years ago.

His work is available for purchase in the museum shop of De Pont in Tilburg, Bisou Gallery in Amsterdam, Cor Unum in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, and more recently, at design store AXIS Inc. in Tokyo, Japan.


Atelier Bryan van Schooten



Groenstraat 139-16 unit 553 

5021LL Tilburg